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  • Only one registration per building is allowed, including apartment buildings.
  • Just because a building has combustible cladding, does not mean that it is unsafe.
  • Owners (or owners’ agents) are required to register. Tenants should talk to their Property Manager/Agent or owner if they have concerns about their building. 
  • Penalties can apply for failure to register.
  • Information you provide by registering will be verified and you may be contacted by the NSW Government or your local council. Please ensure that any information you provide is as accurate as possible.


Do I need to register my building?

  • Is your building 2 storeys or more (above the ground)?
  • Is your building (or part of the building) one of the following:
    • An apartment building
    • Other accommodation for unrelated people (examples include hotels, motels, boarding house, hostel, backpackers [1], residential parts of a school or accommodation buildings for children, the elderly or people with a disability)
    • An aged care building or healthcare building, hospital, clinic or day surgery
    • Public assembly building where people may gather for social, theatrical, political, religious or civil purposes (examples include schools, universities, childcare centres, sporting facilities, cinemas, nightclubs, public transport buildings).
  • Does your building have either metal composite panels or insulated cladding system on any part of its external walls or another external area of the building?
    • See what is cladding for more information on metal composite panels or insulated cladding system and what they look like.
  • Do you own the building or own an apartment/strata unit, within the building?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, you need to register before 22 February 2019 or, if your buildings was first occupied after 22 October 2018, you must register within four months after the building is first occupied.

1. Backpackers or boarding house refers to a Class 3 building under the Building Code of Australia that is a commonplace of long-term or transient living for unrelated persons having a floor area greater than 300sqm and ordinarily accommodating more than 12 people.


Owners of buildings are advised to seek professional advice and refer to the relevant legislation as necessary before taking action in relation to any matters covered by the NSW Cladding Regulation Online Registration System.